An organized clips` collection

About application that manages collection of things and the it become unmanageable.

John got a new job as Architect, he is super exited about it, and wants to bring a fresh ideas to his career, so that he can keep himself motivated. He started to recompile a list of new tendencies with element of classics of the architecture but with a newer twist. He is using his browser's bookmarks to do it, he started creating a new category and he is putting everything is interesting in there. The collection is growing everyday, ten, twenty, and thirty elements inside, and so on. On his first week at his new job he is exited to start creating, he remember there are some inspiration that could be useful to build a mood board, he start to look on his bookmarks, he try to find it but the list is to long, he couldn't remember when he save it, he jump on the search box, trying to reduce that list to something more manageable, but he is not hitting the right words the system is returning useless results.

This collection has failed, after this he forget about that collection and he is googling for what he needs. The collection has become an archive, only accumulating element that probably will not be used in a future.

Apart of the search and discovery issue there are another one, this collection is accumulating dust, since material in internet is not permanent after years, blog post, news disappear in favor of newer data, platform stop working, or just get deleted in favor on the sanity of the system.

What if? we can put a system that can manage it better, offering tool for auto categorize, group item per content, auto archive older item, or least frequently used, validity checks of items, that collection would tend to be more manageable.