About Me

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Hi! My name is Martín, I’m From Chile, and I have a bachelors degree on Graphics Design.


👨🏽‍💻 My career started working at an Advertisement company, where I was designing and building websites for movie theaters. In my second job I joint a company in charge of create new businesses for the biggest newspaper (El Mercurio) in my country, some of the products I helped to build there were an Advertisement Network, an E-Commerce, iPad Application for News, and Map and Search based products bertween others. After this, I joint Groupon doing two things UX Design and Front-End Development, that gave me the possibility join the engineering team full time as a Front-End Developer later.

What I'm looking now?

I'm looking to continue building products, I can do two things Product Design, Front-End Development, or both together as a UX Engineer.

What else am I?

🎹 I love Techno music. At early age I started to listening Techno music and attend to parties. Shortly after that I started making and mixing music my own. Some time after this I founded a net label and started to release music from underground artists. I left that label on 2019, but you can check it here If you are interested in my music I have released many tracks in different labels over different alias that you can found them here

🍽 I love to cooking various time of foods but Chilean food have a special place in my hearth.

👩🏻 🧒🏻 And lastly but not less important I'm husband of the most lovely woman, and father of the most curious kid.